Conversations with the Wolfenoot Kid

In which the Wolfemom and the Wolfenoot Kid answer questions and chat about things

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Monday Feb 10, 2020

In which we talk a bit about our plans for 2020. 

Monday Sep 30, 2019

In which the WolfMom and the Wolfenoot Kid reflect on the year since Wolfenoot became a thing, and what we've done. 

Tuesday Aug 13, 2019

In which we talk about the BOOK (SPOILER WARNING) and endangered animals. <3

Tuesday Jun 25, 2019

In which we finally get around to answering all the questions from the big survey way before Wolfenoot '18. Bringing us (more or less) up to date. :) 

Tuesday Mar 05, 2019

In which we answer some questions, discuss the Wolfenoot superhero and daydream about a trip to Alaska. 

Sunday Feb 17, 2019

In which the Wolfenoot kid introduces us to Mr. Howly, and we have a chat about some other stuff. 

Monday Dec 03, 2018

In which I ask the Wolfenoot Kid your questions, we talk about books, and he does a silly dance. (You can't see the dance, but you can hear me laughing at it.) 

The Wolfenoot Superhero

Tuesday Nov 27, 2018

Tuesday Nov 27, 2018

In which the Kid tells us about his Wolfenoot superhero. <3 

Sunday Nov 11, 2018

In which the WolfeMom and the Wolfenoot Kid answer some questions from people. :) 

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